Extensive DYWIDAG systems technology for the largest environmental protection project in Austria

The Danube Power Plant Freudenau near Vienna, as well as similar projects, is a typical multi-purpose facility which fulfills several requirements at the same time.

On one hand, the aim of the project is to produce energy using environmentally friendly methods for the ever increasing requirements of metropolitan Vienna. On the other hand, the traffic situation with regard to an increase of shipping - especially after opening of the Rhine-Main Danube channel - needed improvement.

Another goal was flood protection in combination with a new form of town design and landscape planning. Thus the elevation of endangered dams could be avoided and recreation grounds could be created.

Furthermore, the existing ground water flows should be controlled so that they could be used to fill the growing needs of the population. The principle structure (weir, power house and shipping lock) had to be constructed in the water.

The structure was constructed in two sections built one after the other. Despite narrowing of the Donau by construction excavations, flood control and shipping were uninterrupted.

Services provided by DSI:

The extensive services provided by DSI included the following systems:

FLIMU® System

Tight layout of the reinforcing steel and large bar diameters as well as 100 % reinforcement splices greatly infIuenced the construction conditions. Efficiency calculations demonstrated the clear advantages of the FLIMU® System - the quick reinforcing steel splice. Approx. 14,000 extruded coupler splices with diameters up to 50 mm were needed, primarily in the lock. After instruction by DSI technical experts, the contractor's crew produced the splices.

DYWIDAG Bar System

Approximately 47 t of DYWlDAG Bar Tendons 26 mm dia. (threaded) and 36 mm dia. (smooth) in St 1080/1230 were used to anchor the weirs to the weir piers. For this phase, DSI did the installation, prestressing and grouting using its own work force.

Anchor technology

For rear-anchorage of the slit- and sheet walls, DYWIDAG strand anchors were used. Approx. 13.000 running meters of temporary anchors Type 7-0.62” and approx. 9,000m of permanent strand anchors were used.

GEWI® Reinforcement

It was decided to use the GEWI® System for sheet wall anchorage of the double walled coffer dam. 200t of Ø 25,28, 40 and 50mm GEWI® Bars, including accessories such as couplers, locknuts and end anchorages, were necessary.

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