A mega projects benefits from the GEWI® threadbar reinforcing steel splicing system

Zurich Airport, Kloten, Switzerland: East Air Freight Terminal

The threadbar reinforcing steel splicing system is currently being used in  a new freight terminal in the Zurich airport in Kloten. The DSI splicing system was advantageous due to its unique ability to combine flexibility and economics.

The old terminal had to be torn down prior to excavation for the new complex. The demolition, excavation and construction were sequenced in 9m partitions at a time in order to minimize the disruption for freight operations.

The GEWI® splice reinforcing steel system was used for the upper and lower longitudinal reinforcement in the slab and in both ceilings. To eliminate a special face form and holes in the form panels, especially the 16 - 32 mm Ø threadbar system was advantageous. 2.5m of the building is below the ground water table. The threadbar splice reinforcing steel system with torqued splices helped minimize crack widths in the watertight sealing concrete. Colour marks were used to effectively check proper engagement of the coupled bars. The rugged thread of the GEWI® threadbar splices outperformed all the fine threaded connections, especially where installation blockouts required the relocation of the reinforcing steel.

Freight East Increases Capacity of Zurich Airport

In August 1998 the new freight terminal building "Freight East" will open its doors for the Kloten Airport. Up to 3,000 air carrier containers will be taken in and out of the terminal on a fully automatic basis. The transfer capacity at normal operation level at the airport will jump from 440,000 to 500,000 t per year. The concrete structure consists of a lower and a ground level with dimensions of 254m x 42 m. On top of this a two to five level steel structure will complete the building.


FIG Flughafen Immobilien Gesellschaft

Structural Design

Ernst Basler & Partner AG

General Contractor

ARGE Freight East consisting of: Marti AG and AG Heinrich Hatt Haller

DSI Services (by licensee SpannStahl AG):

supply of 1,500 t of GEWI® threadbar reinforcing system, technical support

Construction Period (Concrete):

April 1996 - October 1997

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