Safe and fast: Flat Slab Post-Tensioning at the AQ 01 Gateway Tower at Abraj Quarter on The Pearl

The Pearl is a 400ha artificial island located 330m from Qatar’s east coast and approximately 11km northeast of the center of Doha. The island is divided into 10 quarters and offers room for many new family homes and apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, hotels, shops and restaurants.

One of the 10 zones on the island, the 13ha Abraj Quarter, accommodates 200 new town houses and 7 apartment towers. Two of these towers, Gateway Towers AQ 01 and AQ 02, flank the access road to the Pearl, thus forming the island’s gate.

The slabs of the podiums, mezzanine floors and floors with a total area of 90,000m² were built as post-tensioned flat slabs. The joint venture consisting of DSI Middle East W.L.L. and DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, GBU, Germany, was awarded the contract for the production and supply of Types 3-0.5" and 5-0.5" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons including approximately 8,000 Type FA Flat Anchorages for Tower AQ 01. Approximately 400t of strand were needed for the tendons.

As the subcontractor for post-tensioning, DSI Middle East not only supplied the post-tensioning systems, but also supervised the correct installation of the DYWIDAG Strand Tendons on site, thus ensuring that construction proceeded smoothly.


United Development Company QSC (UDC), Qatar

General Contractor

Redco Construction - Al Mana, Qatar


Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners), Qatar


WZMH Architects, Canada

Consulting Engineers

KEO International Consultants, Qatar

Subcontractor Post-Tensioning Systems

DSI Middle East, Qatar (formerly QACS)

DSI Middle East Scope

Design, production, supply, supervision

DYWIDAG Products

Types 3-0.5" and 5-0.5" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons including approximately 8,000 Type FA Flat Anchorages

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